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Home care is an essential part of an integrated health system that provides seamless service user- and family-centred care and supports for anyone living with complex, chronic disabling conditions; and individuals at the end-of-life. The achievement of this vision would result in:

• Service users accessing the health care and support services they need when they need them within their homes

• Service users, family members, community services, social care and health care team members working together, and easily accessing and sharing relevant health information and care plans

• Recognition of carers as partners in care, who know where and how to access resources and support

• Individuals’ health care wishes are being shared, understood, respected, and acted upon



Sati Maheroo

Hi, I am Sati Maheroo, one of the directors of Rose Care Services Limited. Rose Care Services Limited was set up 5 years ago with the intentions of providing a well-balanced and safe provision of care to the ones that most need it. It is hard to write about one’s self as it’s almost like a self-evaluation, I can say that I am passionate about what I do and the fact that no two individuals are the same, taking persons on their own merits and also treating people, especially vulnerable members of our society is something that Rose Care Services strive to do and achieve wholeheartedly, my years of experiences ranging from working in the NHS and Support Services has taught me this and brought me to where I am today. That said my intentions are to make the world a brighter place for each person that we care for and give them the best possible outcomes.



Jacqui Jennings

Hello, my name is Jacqui Jennings I am one of the directors for Rose Care Services Limited.

  • I am Social Worker and experienced social care consultant and project manager who has worked across children’s services for over 30 years. 

  • I have extensive experience of report-writing for a range of local, national and international groups and for different purposes

  • Implemented policies for education, public health, social care practice, family intervention and support, youth support, community budgets and productivity, workforce development, data and performance management

  • Led and influenced through complex partnership and stakeholder arrangements

  • Evidence of good performance track record in children’s services, with recent and relevant experience, successful leadership of safeguarding services and performance improvement and experience of turning round service failure

  • Worked with the Heads of Service to revise their annual service business plan to reflect the outcomes and service improvements required to deliver the children’s plan and the corporate objectives

  • Supported directorates that drove forwards improvement and business plans, oversaw projects and quality control reports to council committees

  • Track record in development and implementation of strategic commissioning

  • Undertook strategic business development for organisations, including technology solutions


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